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Set toggle to True based on another

Hello, hoping someone can help with what I think is a simple request. I have a toggle at the Work Item level called "Overage (Y/N) and another toggle at the timesheet level called "Overage".

I would like the Overage field to be set to TRUE if the Overage (Y/N) is also set to TRUE.

I made a Workflow rule that says if Overage (Y/N) is TRUE I want to "Update Field" and I selected the Overage field and in the comment said "True"

All syntax checks out, but nothing is working. The rule is enabled. What am I missing?

Jamie Berger Answered

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If you want to stamp the Timesheet field when it's created, you can make a WF on the Timesheet level. Update your field, and set it equal to $Workitem.ParentProject.myProjectField. This is assuming you're reporting on Milestones and/or Tasks. 

If you want the Timesheet field to mimic the Project field, when the Project field is updated. Make a WF on the Project level. Eval criteria isChanged($myProjectField). Update field. Select Aggregated Time Entries Fields. It'll look like $Timesheets.myTimesheetField. Set this field equal to $myProjectField.


Hope that helps.

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