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Schedule Workflow Rule for outbound API Call for all projects updated in the last day

I am trying to create a scheduled workflow the sends an outbound API call to our CRM system. We have functioning integrations already, but due to a bug where Clarizen is recalculating financial fields on a project incorrectly and doesn't correct this until an overnight calculation, the financial data we are sending back to our CRM system is incorrect.

Since we know this issue corrects overnight, we want to hold our outbound API call until the following morning. Is it possible to write the evaluation criteria to be when a field has been updated in the last day? The financial field in question is not updated on a daily basis for every project so it would be good to only run the workflow rule on projects where this field was actually updated.

If it can't be that specific, is it possible to run the scheduled workflow rule on all projects?

Householder, Carter

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