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Help: How to create a WFR to move a task based on $name from one milestone to another (within same project)

Here is my scenario...

  1. There are three milestones under a sub-project (Milestone #1, #2, and #3) and no tasks exist yet under any of the milestones.
  1. I create two tasks under Milestone #3 and the name of the tasks are "Milestone #1" and "Milestone 2".
  1. I'd like for a workflow rule to look at any task created in "Milestone #3" and move the tasks to another milestone based on its $name; e.g. Task titled "Milestone 1" would be moved from "Milestone 3" to "Milestone 1" and Task titled "Milestone 2" would be move from "Milestone #3" to "Milestone #2".

You may be asking why I don't just create the tasks under the correct milestone...I am going to use the workflow that can do the above...but for tasks that are created from Jira. I just need to understand the basic functionality/workflow logic to ensure moving tasks around like the example above can be done.

The diagram below is how I am imagining this to work:

Derrick Cavanaugh

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