Importing and Updating Data Using MS Excel

Note: A new version of the Excel import/export tool is in Controlled Availability. To learn more, click here

When can I use MS Excel to import or update data in Clarizen?

You can easily import new data or update existing data from an Excel spreadsheet to Clarizen. The import process validates the data, highlights invalid data and allows you to correct it inline at the time of import.

Import from Excel is supported for the following Clarizen items:

Object Name Supported? Supported operations
Cases Yes Import new and update
Customers Yes Import new and update
Users Yes Import new and update
User groups Yes Import new and update
Work Items Yes Import new and update

Add and update work items

To add or update an item:

  1. In the Work Plan, add the following columns to the Work Plan:
    • If you are adding new items, add both the Parent and ID columns.
    • If you are only updating fields, the ID column is sufficient. 
  2. Export the Work Plan to MS Excel in Work Plan > Utilities > Download to Excel.
  3. Open the Excel file. For new work items, specify the Parent ID (not name) in the Parent column. For updated items, edit the data as needed. 
  4. To assign resources and group members, add the relevant column header (Resources or Group Members) and place the user's display name or email address as the identifier,  as displayed in the image below in row 29 of the Excel.

    Note: You can add or remove Resources or Group Member to existing items, or add new items into the system with the relevant users.
  1. Export the Work Plan to MS Excel in Work Plan > Utilities > Download to Excel.
  2. Update the data as necessary.

Import the added/updated data

  1. In the desired module, click Utilities > the Import
  2. In the Import from Excel pop-up window, click the Upload file button and navigate to the location of your Excel spreadsheet. The data is loaded into the Import from Excel window.

Review and correct invalid data inline

In the Import from Excel window, you can:

  1. View all data. Color-coding is used to identify new vs. updated data. The yellow icon in the Operation column indicates updated records, while the blue icon indicates new records. Use the drop-down list at the top to filter data.

  2. View invalid data and a corresponding error message.

  3. Correct invalid data inline by choosing a value from the drop-down list. Use pagination to review all records.

    Once updated, the data is highlighted in yellow.


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  • Avatar
    Chris S.

    Hi, this manual says twice "To learn more how to import data and make inline data updates, refer to Import from Excel." However the link provided doesn't include any instruction. Reading through the manual I experience difficulties to understand how to import a brand new project from Excel and I have the feeling the features works only for the case of an update.

  • Avatar
    Michelle Orellana

    Agreed with Chris. The Import from Excel link is useless as it is of no use. It only takes you to a table of the items you can import to and references to the Clarizen Lab which is no longer applicable. The newest release already includes the ability to import excel spreadsheets. More information is needed to import a new excel sheet to a new project.