Fall 2017 Update 1 (October 29, 2017)


Last updated: Oct 24, 2017

Release date: Oct 29, 2017

This release includes a number of important new features and usability updates.

The table below summarizes the features introduced in this release and their potential impact on your organization.

Functional area

New feature Enabled by default Requires admin setup Affected audience

Program Management - Controlled availability

  ✔  All users

Permission Access Levels - General Availability


  All users
Financial Planning

Distribute NLR financias between months for quarterly and yearly time frames

  Financial Users
Financial Planning

Improved view of fiscal year in Financial Planning view

✔    Financial Users
Usability & UI

Date Range filter information

✔    All users
Slide Publisher

Rich text area field added to support in Slide Publisher

✔    All users
Slide Publisher

Date filters shortcuts in Slide Publisher

✔    All users



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