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What's a Program?

A Program work item groups together Project work items. The Program views provide Program Managers top-level aggregated views of projects, with additional capabilities for visibility and reporting.

Note: You cannot change a Project work item type to a Program. This is to ensure there is no unintentional loss of data. Consider creating a custom action to migrate large quantities of Projects to Programs in a uniform way.

With Programs, the Program Manager can oversee items related to all projects in the program, specifically:

  • Requests
  • Issues
  • Risks
  • Bugs
  • Files
  • Resources 

A Program-specific Property Card is available with its own unique properties. 


 The Program also includes:

  • Roadmap with sub-projects
  • Program Gantt
  • Program Financial Planning
  • Program-centric Resource Load 
  • A Program Manager role for Projects

 Program Roadmap showing Projects


Viewing Your Programs

To access your programs, click Programs in the main menu.

Program Module with List view


For a quick view of the Projects in the Program, click the number indicating the number of Projects in the sub-items (suitcase icon) column.


To access the Gantt View or Roadmap View, open the Work Plan View, and click the Quick Peek icon to view the Property Card. Then click More and select the view.

Adding a Program

  1. Click Programs in the main menu.
  2. In the Common ribbon, click Add Program.
  3. Fill in the relevant fields and click Save.
    Note: If you plan to move one or more Projects into the Program, it is recommended to enter a start date prior to the start date of the first Project in the Program.

As with other work items in Clarizen, you can manage the Program directly in the selected view. This includes viewing the roadmap, updating relevant fields and statuses, adding related items such as files and requests, and managing resources.

Adding Projects to Your Program

You can add existing Projects to a Program from both Project and Program views. To add a new project, you must add it from the Program's Work Plan View

To add a new Project:

  • From a Program view: In the Work Plan View, click Add > Project. Enter the relevant details and click Save.

To add an existing Project:

  • From a Project view: Select the Project, and in the Utilities ribbon tab, select Other Actions > Move. Select the Program and click OK.
    Tip: Filter the list by Program to see only programs. 


Should I work with Programs or stay with Portfolios?

The new Program entity is suitable if you’re managing multiple projects in Programs. If you’re currently using profiles for aggregating project data (Project Managers see one set of fields, Program Managers see another set of fields), and the setup works well for your users, you may want to consider waiting for change management and training before moving to a Program structure.

Additionally, if you currently have a multiple level Portfolio - Sub Portfolio - Programs - Projects type structure you may find that the current limitation of Program to not have any parent levels is not yet able to fully replace your needs.

Also, if you are looking for more advanced Portfolio Management capabilities such as advanced Optimization and Cost Center allocations, you may want to wait before changing how you structure your projects.


Start using Program now if you need

Stay with your current Project Hierarchy or Shortcuts setup if you are

  • To set up a new Clarizen org.
  • A Properties Card for Programs, separate from Projects
  • A standard Program Manager role on Program
  • Program Manager role on Projects
  • Aggregated Risks, Issues and Requests
  • Program-level Roadmap
  • Aggregated Resources on Program with work totals
  • Resource Load for Programs
  • Financial Planning on Program level
  • Satisfied with your Reports and Portfolio Hierarchy architecture
  • Not organizing work in Programs
  • Tracking Projects in Multiple Portfolios
  • Looking to split Project Budget funding by Cost Center
  • Looking for advanced Portfolio Optimization functionality
  • Currently running Complex Portfolio Reports and Dashboards






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