SharePoint Online - Setting Up the Integration

This section describes how to configure the integration between SharePoint Online and Clarizen. For more about the benefits and how to manage SharePoint content in Clarizen, click here.

The integration with SharePoint online includes the following stages:

Supported Versions and Unsupported Functionality

  • Multiple site collection is not supported.
  • Permissions are based on permissions in SharePoint. For example, you cannot access SharePoint files via Clarizen if you do not have direct access to the same file in SharePoint.
  • SSO authentication. If you use SSO in Clarizen, your users still need to be authenticated with SharePoint when logging in for the first time.

1. Registering the Clarizen app in Azure Active Directory

The following procedure should be performed by your Microsoft 365 administrator.

To register Clarizen in Azure:

  1. Log into the Azure Active Directory admin center.
  2. Go to the App registrations page.
  3. Click + New application registration.
  4. In the Create panel, add the following details:
  • Enter a name, for example: Clarizen app.
  • In the Application type field, select Web app / API.
  • In the Sign-on URL field, enter your SharePoint URL, for example:
  1. Click Save. Copy the value from the Application ID. You will need this value to register the integration in Clarizen.
  2. Go to SettingsReply URLs.
  3. Add one of the following callback URLs depending on your location:

Note: Use the https protocol.

  1. Go to SettingsKeys.
  2. Enter the Description and Duration.
  3. Click Save. Copy the key value as you will need it to register the integration in Clarizen.

Note: The key will become invisible after exiting the screen, so it’s important you copy the key value for the next section.

  1. Access Required Permissions.
  2. Click Add to add the following permissions:
  • Office 365 SharePoint Online – set up the permissions as follows:
  • Windows Azure Active Directory – set up the permissions as follows:
  1. Click Save.
  2. In Required permissions > Grant Permissions, click Yes.


2. Configuring the App Keys in Clarizen

  1. In Clarizen, as an Administrator, go to Settings > Extensions.
  2. In the SharePoint section, click Setup.
  3. From the drop-down list, select Online.
  4. Enter values for the following parameters:
  • Site URL: The URL of your SharePoint site
  • Client ID: The Client ID value that you saved when registering Clarizen with Azure Active Directory in the previous section (Application ID when registering).
  • Secret ID: The secret key value that you saved when registering Clarizen with Azure Active Directory in the previous section (secret Key).
  • Site Collection URL: URL of the SharePoint site collection.
  1. Click Save.

3. Authenticating Clarizen Users

See also Support for Multi-User Access to SharePoint via a Single Organization Account.

The user will be authenticated when first uploading a file to SharePoint, or after setting up the SharePoint Online Settings in the User Details settings and then accessing SharePoint for the first time.

To edit SharePoint Online Settings for a user:

  1. Under the username name in Clarizen, select My Details.
  2. In the Integration Settings, click Edit. If you do not see Integration Settings, search for them in the Properties card.
  3. Click Associate with SharePoint Account.
  4. A new tab opens where you can log into your Microsoft 365 account, which authenticates your Clarizen account with SharePoint Online.
  5. Click Accept.
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