Export to and Import from Excel - Picklists

What's New?

Once you have imported your information in to Excel, you will see your data presented in a editable spreadsheet.  We have now added a second tab, "Picklist Values" to help control users updates to picklist fields and avoid errors when importing back into Clarizen. 





How the Picklist Works

When exporting data to excel, you will now see a second tab with the picklist values (in columns). From the 1st tab you can select the picklist values from a list provided.
Please note that this is *only in modules (not in reports).

Best Practices

  • Import only fields that you can change.
    • Do not export calculated fields (like Custom fields base on formula)- since users cannot change them
  • Dependent picklist-  all options are exported without the dependency rules. Dependency validation take place in the import checker screen.
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    Armand BOLMONT

    The title is confusing, as the article only describes the new "Picklists values" sheet. There is a confusion between export and import: In the title, "Export" refers to the transfer from Clarizen to Excel, but "Import" is used to refer the same transfer in the first paragraph of the article.

    During the article the use of import/export is not clear, plus the way to transfer data from Excel to Clarizen is not described in this article (maybe it is described in another article).