Inviting New People

Inviting New People

People invited to Clarizen by being added as new users receive an email invitation with links for initial ‘set up and activation’ of their new Clarizen account; a one time only procedure.

The invitation is valid for 72 hours.

This page describes how to invite people to join Clarizen and includes the following sections:

About Inviting New People

When people are invited to Clarizen by being added as new users they are sent a system-generated email invitation. The invitation is valid for 72 hours.

Once an invitee accepts an invitation, their internet browser is redirected to Clarizen's Getting Started video.

​Accepting invitees who are not part of your organization are issued a 30 day temporary license, and you (the inviter) are notified of the acceptance by email . Your organization's Admin user is notified in order to organize licensing and system

settings to include the new user role, skill and/or any other relevant user parameters.

You can invite one or several people to be involved in Clarizen, regardless of whether or not invitees are part of your organization.

Your organization's Admin user can define whether new users may be added by any internal user, Admin and Super users, or Admin users only, which is done in the Organization, Users, Licenses section of the System Settings.


Inviting Individual People

  1. Select Invite People.

    The Invite People window opens.

Figure 2: Invite People Window

  1. Enter the invitee's email address.
  2. Click to invite one person.

    The Invitation Sent message appears confirming the action.

Figure 3: Invitation Sent


  • Click to invite that person and invite another person.

    The Invitation Sent message appears, confirming the action. The window's email field clears and another person can be invited. An email is generated and sent to the invitee(s) containing the below message.

Figure 4: Email Invitation

  • Click here for more about invitation email notification.


Inviting Multiple People

  1. Select Invite People.

    The Invite People window opens.
  2. Click

    The Import People window opens.

  1. Click and browse to import multiple Users from a CSV, XLS or XLSX file.


    i) Click the email field. The field becomes active.

    ii) Enter the email address of a user to invite, and press ENTER on the keyboard.

The First Name, Last Name and User Type fields are defined using the default values.
The Send an email invitation to this User , Allow Emails , and External User checkboxes are checked.
A new row is added below the current row.

iii) Edit the fields . Click just below the User Type cell and define the type of User.

iv) Uncheck checkboxes as necessary.

v) Repeat Steps i) through iv) to invite multiple people.

  1. Click

    An email is generated and sent to the invitee(s) containing the below message .


Getting Invitees Started

Once an invitee has received an invitation and clicks the 'Get Started' button, the following events automatically and simultaneously occur:

  • An accepting invitee's computer default browser opens and 'goes' to the Clarizen Getting Started YouTube video
  • ​Accepting invitees who are not in your organization are issued a 30 day temporary Clarizen license
  • You are notified by email of invitation acceptance(s) by people you invite.
  • Your organization's Admin User is notified by email of invitation acceptance(s) and organizes Clarizen system settings accordingly to include invitees to the work item by issuing a role, skill and/or other user parameters required.

Adding Placeholder Resources

If your organization has a repeatable process, we recommend leveraging project templates in Clarizen to set pre-populated placeholder resources. To learn more abut placeholder resources, see Adding Placeholder Resources.

To add a placeholder resource:

  1. Create a new resource/user.
  2. Enter a fake email address, such as ''.
  3. Set the User Type to None.
  4. Put a $ character at the beginning of the username to easily identify and filter out placeholder resources in views and reports.
    For example, if you are setting up a Security group, you would create a new user with the name “$Security”.


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    Above link seems not to be activated.

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    Avnish Bhardwaz

    We had set up users in Clarizen earlier and had switched the email notification OFF. Now the setups are complete we need to send them the welcome email. I tried turning the email notification switch to ON, but that didn't send any email to these users. What is needed to send them the welcome email today?

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    Can anyone assist with the fact that it only seems to be Admins that can add/invite new users - is there a way I can enable this for standard Project Managers? I have a team of 11 and it is not scalable for the few Admins on account to add users especially as the team are in different deographical locales