13.1 Reports & Dashboards Overview

Reports & Dashboards Overview

This section provides an overview of the Reports & Dashboards modules and includes the following sections:


The Reports & Dashboards modules deliver enterprise-grade, dynamic performance insights that assist you in making timely business decisions.

Clarizen’s Reports and Dashboards are all about providing complete visibility to all internal and external stakeholders in your organization.

The robust reports and dashboards modules are fully integrated with Clarizen’s work-graph, ensuring a true 360 degree view provided by the comprehensive reporting platform, which includes the ability to pivot data in multiple ways, this allows you to utilize Clarizen in order to gain real-time insights into your work, to better predict and understand your business, it provides real-time visibility into performance and KPI’s using business questions & highlights to help predict and understand your business.

Key Benefits

The following key benefits are provided by Clarizen's reports & Dashboards Modules:


Predict and Understand Your Business
  • Real-time visibility into performance and KPI’s
  • Prompt business questions & Highlights for smarter decision making
  • Capture snapshots


Take Action from Reports to Drive Change
  • Pivot data in multiple ways, 360º view of your business
  • Create discussion posts, share decisions, take actions directly from within the reports

Role based

Breadth and depth of information, in multiple formats
  • Generate dashboards, displaying consolidated metrics of cross business objects, to share with your stakeholders
  • Scheduled reports, emails, attachments/downloads
  • Deliver value to all stakeholders, from PM’s to Executives

Key features

The Following key features are an integral part of the Reports & Dashboards modules:

  • Folder & Report sharing options – across users, groups, profiles, etc. including email attachments
  • Highlights and Business Questions on pivot tabs to visually analyze data in multiple perspectives
  • Default Out-of-the-Box reports and dashboards for common use cases and as a basis for creating customized reports
  • 8 types of charts, including advanced cluster & stacked options, as well as metrics grouping
  • Automated advanced scheduling and historical snapshots for performance history or audit trails
  • Dashboards to consolidate reports across multiple objects, and display multiple formats in one page

Availability by License

The use of the Reports & Dashboards modules are based on several licensing limitations:

  • Social users, Time & expense users and Team members do not have access to the module itself
  • Scheduling is only available to Admin Users as it uses Scheduled Workflow rules quota

In addition the following table details the availability for each of our license editions.

Formula columns


15 per report




3 per business question

3 per business question

Scheduled reports


1 per hour

2 per hour

Scheduled Dashboards


1 per hour

2 per hour

Total scheduled components


Up to 50

Up to 120

Accessing the Reports Module

The Reports module is built of several sections.

To access the reports & dashboards main view:
  1. Open the Main Navigation Panel
  2. Select the Reports option
  3. The reports & dashboards main view opens

Accessing the Dashboard Module

You can access the dashboard module which shows you the last dashboard view available.

To access the Dashboard view:
  1. Open the Main Navigation Panel
  2. Select the Dashboards option
  3. The dashboards main view opens

    If no dashboards are available the reports & dashboards main view will open instead.

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