Logging In

Logging In

This section describes logging in to Clarizen and includes the following sections:

Creating a New Organization

If you haven't yet signed up for Clarizen, register for a 30-day free trial here .

With Clarizen, you can get a fully functional 30-day free trial enabling you to start planning your projects, resources, time sheets, etc. (depending ​on the edition selected).

During the trial you can purchase a subscription to Clarizen by clicking the 'Buy Now' button at the top right hand corner of the application.

To register for the 30 day trial simply enter your First and Last Name, email address, phone number and organization name.

You are then directed to create a password and you are ready to go.

As the user opening the account, you are automatically assigned the system administrator User Role in your organization, you can assign the admin role to another user in the organization at any time.

The system administrator will receive an email notification alerting them to the end of your trial period.

Users added to the organization can participate in the organization's projects until the trial is over.

Users can continue working when licenses are purchased. Any information entered during the trial is saved when purchasing a license.


If you have already registered to Clarizen, go directly to the login page, click here .

Figure 1: Clarizen Login

  1. Enter your User name and Password in the Login dialog fields.
  2. Click

    Clarizen's Homepage (or predefined organization/personal landing page) opens.

Figure 2: Clarizen Home Page

​Clarizen's Home page can be be changed to a default landing page set at the organizational level, group, or individually per user.

You can change your individual landing page any time by clicking My Profile in the User's Data drop-down menu, located on the masthead.

Inviting New Users

When you invite someone to join Clarizen , they receive an email notification with links for initial ‘set up and activation’ of their new Clarizen account; a one-time only procedure.



  1. The invitee clicks

    The invitee is directed to the Profile form. All of the information fields must be completed.

  2. Once is clicked, they are directed to the 'Invite Your Colleagues' option.


  • Alternatively, they may just click

    From here, they will take their first steps with Clarizen.


Forgotten User Name or Password

In the event of forgotten User name or password:

  1. Click the 'Forgot your password' link on the login window
  2. For a forgotten Password , enter the information requested and click


    For a forgotten User name , click the Forgot your User Name? link.
  3. Enter the information requested and click

An email with the forgotten information is sent to the email you entered in the registration process.

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