Clarizen Home - Know and Customize Your Home Page

Clarizen Home

Clarizen Home provides you with a single page view of all work items, cases and conversations, giving you an easy to read and easy to access overview of everything that needs to be done today.

Users can define whether to use the Home view or any other module as their landing page, see Personalizing My Details for more on landing pages.

Clarizen Home can also be accessed from the Main Navigation Panel.

Clarizen Home is divided into two or three columns depending on whether or not you chose to view the social panel (displays user's Newsfeed) and can be tailored to meet your needs:

Custom Icon Setting

You can change the User's Icon (logo, image) directly from the Home page.

  1. Click the User's Icon
    The custom icon menu opens.
  2. Click Upload .
    Windows browse screen opens.
  3. Locate the desired file and click Open .
  4. To revert to the default icon, click Revert to default

Clarizen Home Settings

Define the panels to be shown in the main screen (center column).

Click Customize Home located right below the User's Icon to open the customization menu.

  • Click Show/Hide discussion to display the social panel (user's Newsfeed).
    ​When the social panel is hidden, all of the information displayed in the left column is moved to the main view and the screen is divided into two column instead of three.
  • Click Show/Hide Empty Panels to display the panels that based on your settings have no content. This can be used to edit the content of empty panels whenever you require.

Note: Administrators and Super users have the option to set the defined homepage layout as the organization default homepage by clicking the Set as org default option.

This will not affect users who have already personalized their homepage layout.

Quick Actions

The Quick Actions panel provides you you quick access to some handy actions, such as inviting new people, creating new items (Tasks, Projects, and Requests), and changing your password.

Recent Items

This panel displays six of the most recent items you had accessed giving you the ability to quickly navigate to where you need to go.

Click See All to open the complete list of recent items grouped by item types, allowing you, for example, to focus on your recent projects and drill down to each of them.

New Items

The New Items panel displays all of the newly created/updated items in which you have a role. The view is separated into topics for quick reference.

Click the relevant topic to open the Activity Today window with the selected topic in focus.

Main Views

Besides the Social module (user's newsfeed) displayed in the main view, Clarizen Home consists of your tailored view of the user's active modules shown on the right column (if discussion is enabled) or in the main view.

The available views are as follows:

  • My Projects
  • My Assigned Cases
  • My Assigned Bugs
  • My Assigned Issues
  • My Assigned Requests
  • My Assigned Risks
  • My Active Tasks
  • My Submitted Cases
  • My Submitted Bugs
  • My Submitted Issues
  • My Submitted Requests
  • My Submitted Risks

Clicking on a panel's header, will drill you down into the full view


How to personalize the Clarizen Home page view

​Administrators and Super Users can customize the view for the entire organization, see Creating, Editing and Deleting Views for more details. ​

Each user can tailor his own view by filtering the information shown and by managing what columns are displayed.

To personalize your view:

  1. Click to expand the view you wish to personalize.
  2. Click to open column setting menu
  3. Click Manage
  4. Select the columns you wish to see and use the to make or remove your selection.

    Note: Use the search field to quickly locate the desired fields.

  5. Click
  6. Click  
    The filter Menu opens
  7. Define the filter options to best fit your needs.
  8. Select the Save as default option to turn your filter selection to the default for this view
  9. Click
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