Timesheets Overview

Timesheets Overview

Clarizen Timesheets are used to track actual minutes, hours and/or days of work on individual work items.

Team Members can use the Timesheet widget in My Work to easily log time.

For more advanced options, the Timesheet module displays a list of all reportable work items, relevant for a particular week, which you can filter to find a specific work item, project, or value in any other column.

Each reportable work item can have the duration of time worked entered per day. If a work item is not flagged as being reportable, it will not appear in any timesheets.

You can account for overtime hours on a work item that also has regular hours using the Duplicate Line option.

Once time entries (work duration + details) are entered for a given time frame, the Timesheet can be submitted to your project manager or direct manager for approval. 

As soon as approval is granted, the hours are reflected in the related project and percentage complete is shown on individual work items.

You can also disable approvals and auto-submit all time entries.

The Timesheets module

Setting System- and Project-Level Approvers

You can define in systems settings who can approve timesheets, or override system settings per Project.

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Using Clarizen Bot

You can use Clarizen Bot to log hours in your timesheet, and for managers, see your team' s timesheets. For more about working with Clarizen Bot, click here.



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