Overriding Templates

Overriding Templates

This page describes overriding templates and includes the following sections:

About Overriding Templates
Selecting a template to override enables replacing an existing template's properties with those of another template.
Overriding a Template
  1. On the Navigation Panel, select the necessary module (either the Projects module or the Milestones module).

    The module opens. Select a grid display (if necessary).

    You can also override a template from an object's detail view in the same manner as described below
  2. Select the project or milestone from which you would like to base the new project template on.
  3. On the ribbon , click , then

    The Save Template dialog opens.
  4. Figure 1: Save Template Dialog

  5. Click the Override existing template radio button.

    The Override existing template field opens. ​

Figure 2: Override Existing Template

  1. Enter a known template title to the auto-complete field.

Figure 3: Template Name

The template name auto-completes in the field's drop-down for selection.


  • Click

    The Select Template find window opens.

​Figure 4: Select Template

  • Click ​  to change the list to Clarizen 'out of the box' templates.

Figure 5: Select Which Templates

Figure 6: Filters

  1. Select a template.
  2. Click

    The Save Template dialog opens with the overriding template loaded.

Figure 7: Save ​Overriding Template

  1. Click

The data is sent to the server. A confirmation message pops-up and closes.

Figure 8: Confirmation

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