Customization for Social


This page describes customizing the Clarizen social aspect and includes the following sections:

Customizing Discussion Messages

All discussion messages have a container . A discussion message's container is the main item that the discussion message is about.
​ As discussion posts and replies are standard items, it is possible to add Custom Fields to them and to their links.

You can add workflow rules to run on related items, such as related replies, people who liked the post, related work items , related files , or even related lines (individual lines of text within the message).

By building your customizations on a discussion message, you can affect all messages whether they are posts or replies.



Customizing Posts

You can add custom fields to a post which, while not visible in the user interface, can be referenced by other customizations and searches.
You can add workflow rules , validation rules and custom actions to posts, more specific details are available below in this article .

The key difference between a reply and a post is that a post has a reply count.


Customizing Replies

You can add custom fields to a post which while not visible in the user interface can be referenced by other customizations
and search. You can add workflows, validations and custom actions to Posts, more specific details are below in this article.

The key difference between a reply and a post is that a reply always has a post that it is in response to.

Customizing the State

Discussion posts and replies have a State picklist field which does not currently have any built in functionality associated with it.
The State field is not visible in the user interface but can be set or read by workflow and validation rules .

The picklist default values are:

  • Active
  • Closed

It is possible to add additional states which can be used by your own customizations.

Example Use Case:

Closing a Discussion.

There is no built in functionality to close a discussion, h owever, after a certain point in time or specific action being taken,
you wish to close a discussion.

  1. Create a custom action to set the discussion State to 'Closed'
  2. Create a validation rule that checks if: $Post.State = 'Closed'

Customizing the Style

Discussion posts and replies have a Style field which is not visible in the Clarizen user interface but can be set or read by customizations.

The Style field enables you to define how discussion messages are displayed when presented in internet browsers.

The recommended format to use is the same as the format used for the style attributes in HTML .

That is: "color:blue; text-align:center”, etc.

Customizing the Type

Clarizen provides two built-in pick list field Types;

  • Status Update ( StatusUpdate) (DEFAULT)
  • System Message ( SystemMessage)

The System Message field Type is used for automatic posts (that is, when a new user join the organization).

System Messages are displayed in the user interface differently. The pick list is customizable by your organization's Admin
user and you can add new values and icons.

If you post a message and set it to use a Type containing an icon, the icon is displayed near the message.

Example Use Case:
  1. Add a message Type for 'Question' with respective icons.
  2. Add custom actions which mark a message as a 'Question'.
    The question mark icon appears adjacent to the message.
  3. Add a message Type for 'Idea' (like a 'light-bulb' icon).
    Whenever a message is posted to the 'New Idea' group , it is marked as such.


Customizing Via

The Via field is a special field used to indicate how messages enter the system. When replying to messages via email, this field currently shows the text 'Email' and the user interface shows it accordingly.

Apps can also set this (that is via Audit Trail).

Adding Custom Fields

As discussion posts and replies are standard items, it is possible to add Custom Fields to them and to their links.

Note: Layout for posts and replies and their links is not currently customizable, whereas it is possible to add fields
to them for use by other customizations and display in search results, it is not currently possible to modify the layout
of discussion messages to display any Custom Fields.

Custom Actions on Discussions and Replies

You can add custom actions to discussions and replies which appear in the More drop-down menu.

Example Use Case:

Standard administrative responses

Adding New Items

You can use Clarizen discussions as streams or ' feeds ' of specific item updates .

For example, you might want all updates to Due Dates or addition of Resources to be automatically logged into the project feed so that all project team users remain in alignment.

  • You can add a new Post
  • You can add a new Reply

Customizing Follow/Unfollow

Follow/Unfollow is a customization action which can be used by workflow rules , custom actions or InterAct actions.

Customizing Pin/Highlight

Pin/Highlight is a customization action which can be used by workflow rules , custom actions or InterAct actions.

Pinning a post locates the post at the top of a feed.

Highlighting a post colors the post light blue.

When pinning a message, you need to define:

  • The container
  • The discussion message

Customizing Lines

Discussion posts and replies have a virtual related item called Lines . If your message has multiple lines (separated by a carriage return/new line), the customization engine can parse your message body line by line.

This can be helpful when converting semi-structured emails into items that need to be tracked.

Example Use Case:

  1. Convert meeting minutes into actionable tasks.
    You decide to use discussions to record group meeting minutes.
    You have a standard format for this, and at the end of the minutes you summarize the action items for the team.
    Create rule with a 'new item' action on the Lines of the discussion that creates a new task for the group w hen a line
  2. starts with "TO DO>".
Note: InterAct email processing also has the ability to run actions on the lines of the incoming message body.

Customizing Discussion Links

Discussions have links which relate them to other items in your account.

It is not possible to create Discussion Links using customization.

Customizing Likes

Likes behave like any other related items in Clarizen customizations.

Once enabled by the relevant system setting, a new "Like" item can be added between a user and the other following items types in Clarizen:

  • Discussion Message (Post, Reply)
  • Work Item (Project, Milestone, Task)
  • Cases (Issue, Risk, Request, Bug)
  • Expense Sheet
  • Expense
  • Customer
  • File
  • User Group
  • Discussion Group
  • Job Title
  • Skill

When running a customization on any of these item types, you also run on 'Liked By'.

This is the collection of users who have Liked the item.

Example use case:

A Change Request which reaches a popularity target. When a Change Requests receives 10 Likes, a task is automatically added to a release backlog by workflow rule and an email is sent to 'Liked By', so that all the users who liked the Request and influenced its popularity now receive a notification email that an action is being taken.

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