Using Clarizen Bot for Timesheet Management

Clarizen Bot lets you manage your projects from within Slack. This includes the following timesheet capabilities:

Logging Hours

Use the commands below to update your timesheet.

@Clarizen log 4 hours on [Customer Name/Project Name/Milestone Name/Task Name]

The Bot will show the user a list of all Work Items related to the Project name, Customer object, Milestone name or Task name. A user can log time on a task if the user is the resource, the task is reportable, and the task's actual effort is updated from timesheets.  
Note: This command does not support multiple Work Items, for example:

log 1 hour on <Project name>, <Milestone name>

@Clarizen add comment

When the user is logging time, the user can add a comment. This command is made once the user has started to log time on a work item.

@Clarizen submit timesheet

User can submit a timesheet. User can edit the date, comment, and time logged on the work item. This command is made once the user has started to log time on a work item.


Get Team's Timesheets

As a manager, you can get a status report of your teams' logged hours, using the following command:

@Clarizen My team's timesheets

Returns the number of hours logged by my direct reports for the past week

Alternative commands:
@Clarizen Timesheet for my team
@Clarizen team's weekly timesheet

To get hours for more than a week, you can add 'last x days' or 'x days'. Example: @Clarizen My team's timesheets last 90 days



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