Report Filter Enhancements & Support for Shortcuts

What's new

The following updates expand and enhance Slide Publisher usability:

New Run Time Filter Options for Reports

In a previous version we introduced selected run-time filters for reports in Slide Publisher.

We have added support for additional types, including:

  • Dates
  • Percent
  • Toggle on/off
  • Numeric

Note: Text, Duration and Currency will be available in an upcoming version. 

The following example shows a date picker for a run-time filter based on dates. 



Run on Current Program

In a previous version we added support for filtering charts based on the current Project. We have extended this functionality to support Programs.

Add charts that are dynamically filtered based on the Program from where you publish the slides. This feature can also be used for repeating slides with charts from your sub-projects.

  1. In the Slide Publisher template wizard, select the report and tab you want to include.
  2. From the runtime filter options, select
    • Equals and then start typing in the Program's name to select it
    • select Current Program

  1. Publish your slides from your Program to include charts filtered with the Program data.


Repeating slides can now include Projects from shortcuts, in addition to sub-Projects. 

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    Antony Willers

    So if I am reading this correctly, I can now automate my slides publication?