SharePoint Site Collection Paths per Customer

What's New

For SharePoint integrations, create a specific Site Collection path under the main SharePoint hierarchy per Customer. When adding a related file to a Project associated with a Customer, the default Site Collection path for SharePoint files will be the Customer-defined path.


  • Better organization. Create different Site Collection locations based on Customers.
  • Avoid confusion when uploading files.
  • Save time. Upload files directly to the correct location without navigating the full SharePoint file system. 

How it Works

  1. Open the Customer details, and in the Property Card locate/search for the new Default Integration Path field.
  2. Enter the Site Location path for the specific location in SharePoint.
  3. In a Project related to the Customer, add a related SharePoint file.
    The default path will be to the Customer-defined Site Location.
    Note: If the Customer does not have a defined path, the parent Project or Program's path will be used, and if that is not defined, the default organization path will be used.

Adding a Default Site Location Path Using Configurations

The option to add the Default Integration Path using configurations is planned for a future release.




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