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Save as Template

I have created a project and want to save it as a template.  The tutorial videos I have watched instruct me to click on the MISC button, but it doesn't exist.  Other information I've researched says to click on Utilities and click on Save As Template.  My Utilities button does not have a Save as Template button under it.  Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look to get the Save as Template functionality?

John Peeler Answered

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The second location you suggest is correct.

The 'Save as template' function is found under Utilities in the work plan.  If you are not able to see this option it could be for a couple of different reasons.

1- The Save as Template function only shows when the project line (top level) is highlighted, if you are anywhere else in the work plan then the function will not be shown.

2- The function has been removed from the ribbon by your system admin (Or consultant).  It can easily be restored but you would need admin permissions to get to the settings area.

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