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workflow rule to copy custom field values when replacing a resource with another in the resource allocation view


I am currently trying to create a workflow rule to move custom field values I have created in the resource allocation view to a new resource when replacing a resource with another in this view.


Currently when you replace a resource with another these field values disappear and it is only the allocation values that move over. My problem in creating a workflow rule is I can’t seem to reference this action of replacing a resource to tell the workflow rule when to run? I do not know how I could go about implementing such a rule?


Alan Murphy Answered

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Hi Alan,


I can't give you the full solution, but I think it is similar to the custom action "move work item to sprint" (for agile project management)

In your case you want to take a value before you actually change the value. The way I understand workflows is that they react to changes, hence after a value has been changed already. 

The only way I could see this work is by creating a custom button/action that copies the current value into a new custom field and then asks you to enter the new resource that you want to allocate.

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