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How to pick out contents from an iframe generated by the Sharing Widget


My question is somewhat related with the post Widgets: Modify Branding Logo?  , which is about modifying contents in the iframe which is shared.

I have made a very simple report which displays the fields Status and %Complete for a certain project. I want to embed this into a Confluence page. However, the iframe becomes huge and irrelevant contents occupies most space.

I was playing around with CSS a bit but could not customize the iframe enough to only display a table with these two fields.

Does anyone have a solution?

Mattias Hallberg Answered

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Hi Mattias,

I have several suggestions you may want to look into (ordered from 'light' to 'heavy'):

  1. Share a regular project view (e.g. workplan only view rather than a report) as a widget and embed it in your page.
  2. Retrieve the widget HTML on your server side, manipulate it and embed the processed HTML in your page. I assume the widget is created as anonymous read only so you don't need Clarizen credentials for it. 
  3. Use the Clarizen API to retrieve the raw data and build your own page to embed. This, however, requires authenticated Clarizen access (username/password).

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for the list of approaches. I am aware of all of these. 

The second one is a more advanced approach than I am looking for since I want to do this client side using CSS.

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