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New Financial Planning Functions


I've been trying to use the new Financial Planning functions, specifically GetTotalFinancialSummaryForFixedPeriod().

I've put it into a workflow to update a custom field (Currency) with the value from the function. 

I've been using the documentation on and the examples given but constantly getting an error when it runs: 

An error occurred while executing action '1 - Update Field' in a configuration named 'Update Actual Cost for Budget Period from Time Phased Financial Data': Update of field 'C_ActualCostforBudgetPeriod' cannot be performed on object '[PROJECT-NAME]'.

This is my rule which I believe is to spec as per the documentation but there seems to be no reason why it fails. Anyone have any ideas?

GetTotalFinancialSummaryForGivenPeriod(CurrentObject(),'ActualCost',$C_BudgetPeriodStartDate, $C_BudgetPeriodEndDate)


Furthermore, it would be great to get some additional examples on the documentation to support working these issues through.

Darren Answered

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I've not used this function personally, but having taking a look at the documentation I would agree that your code is correct.  I'm conscious that no one has stepped in to help you out, so if you are still trying to resolve this let me know a bit more info and I'll see if I can help.

I assume all 3 of your custom fields are created at the project or work item level?

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Hi Phil, got to the bottom of it this morning but thanks for following up. . 

My mistake was that I trying to amend roll up fields which I couldn't manually override. 

I think I got myself in a twist was that I was trying to use the example in the documentation GetTotalFinancialSummaryForFixedPeriod(CurrentObject(),'BudgetRevenue','w'). It uses the example field of BudgetRevenue. This is the field Label (without the space) and I've noticed that it actually requires the field API Name and therefore in this case it is actually 'PlannedRevenue' as the field names and API Names are different. 



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