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Financials reduced to OPEX and CAPEX

Dear Clarizen Community,

We face an issue to easily display project CAPEX & OPEX.

We are a company that has no dedicated project managers, and the people, who are managing projects do them along with their daily work - we have therefore set all labor hour rates to 0.

 All I want to show is:

Planned CAPEX / Spent CAPEX / Planned vs. Spent Capex

Planned OPEX / Spent OPEX / Planned vs. Spent Opex

and that they can add such expenses e.g. to a certain task or to the project in general.

Below the financials fields we are using at the moment.

Maybe one of you has tackled a similiar problem within your company.

Regards and thanks

Max Haustein Completed

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Hi Max - are you familiar with the Financial Planning capabilities we have been releasing during Q3-Q4 this year?

David Goulden 0 votes
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Hi Max - this is exactly what Financial Planning feature does. You can add Non Labor Resource expenses (budget & actual) to Projects and Tasks and have added standard fields:

Budget Capex / Actual Capex


Budget Opex / Actual Opex 

You can easily add Planned vs Spent Capex & Opex as custom fields.

Please reach out to your CSM and we'll be glad to take you through it. 



David Goulden 0 votes
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