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Missing Argument: typeName

I've written an integration with your REST API and it has been working well for several months. Recently one call is failing to the EntityQuery end-point.

Logins and session status call with use the same methods work just fine. I'm using a Node with Express to send the requests.

I can see the body I'm sending in my request.

REQUEST { url: '',
type: 'POST',
headers: { Authorization: 'Session 3c644f4d-3820-4034-b982-5d423ca04574_240474' },
json: true,
{ typeName: 'Task',
fields: [ 'Name', 'Manager.Name', 'DueDate' ],
orders: [ [Object] ],
paging: { limit: 50 },
where: { and: [Object] } },
callback: [Function] }
REQUEST make request

But I still get this error:

{ errorCode: 'MissingArgument',
message: 'Missing argument: typeName',
referenceId: '3vxNCV5viMeyuEMK9WTjd6'

Now if I make the same request using Postman it works. What can you tell me about the error reference. Is the body empty on your side? Is it wrapped in something unexpected?

Thanks for your help.

- dan

Dan Flies Answered

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Hi Dan,

I am not able to view additional data regarding your issue. I've also tested it in Postman and, as you said, it works as expected. If you are not able to get the exact posted data from your code please try to use tools like Fiddler to monitor your network requests and find what is transmitted to the Clarizen API.

If you are not able to do that please contact our support team for additional assistance.

I hope this helps,


Elad Franklin
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