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Report Field - Latest Note

When I run a work item or Project report it would be great if I could see the latest note associated with that task.  This would allow me to generate a report that shows the latest update to the task which is currently located in a note.

See original request:  Your request (#38456) has been updated. 

Kevin Rhode Answered

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Hi Kevin, you can create a workflow rule that will update a text-area custom field with the latest note. You could create the rule either on social posts or the "traditional" notes object so that every time a new note or post object is created, it will update this field on the work item that stores the latest note. This field could then be used in views, reports, dashboards, and even the slide publisher. There are some caveats (ex: what happens if I delete a note?), so we recommend that you work with a Clarizen PS consultant to make sure the rule meets all of your needs.

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