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Need Task Dates to Match Project Dates

I have a Template that creates multiple Milestones with no subtasks, and two Milestones containing subtasks (some of which contain their own subtasks). I need all of the Tasks to have a Start Date that matches the Start Date of the Project, and to have a Due Date that matches the Due Date of the Project (which is specified at the time of Project creation right in the "Add New Project" window). The Milestones that do not have any subtasks do not have to match the Project Start/Due Date, but it's ok if they do as well.

I am having success getting the Task Due Dates to match the Project Due Date using various WFRs at the Milestone and Task level, but I CANNOT get the Start Dates to match the Project Start Date. The Start Dates always seem to follow the Due Dates. I have tried both Fixed Work and Fixed Duration work policies for the Tasks, as well as for the entire Work Plan, and I have also tried both ASAP and ALAP Constraint Types. I have even tried having a Scheduled Workflow that runs to correct the Task Start Dates.

Has anyone done something like this? What am I missing?

Doug Smith Answered

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Hello Doug,


I think your workflow rule possibly sets the Start Date successfully, but when it adjusts the Due Date, Start Date follows as there is no Duration value set. Have you tried setting the Start Date only and then setting the Duration instead of Due Date? In my test I used the following formula to calculate the Duration:

DateSubtract( $ParentProject.DueDate, $ParentProject.StartDate, true )

Please let me know if this helps.

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