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Email WFR: Only Send to "Active" Resources

I have several Workflow Rules that send emails to Resources when certain things happen within the system (completing a Task, assigning Resources, etc.). In most cases, I only want emails sent to "Active" Resources. Is this possible via formula-based recipients or some other method?

For example, we have a recurring Task that is reassigned to various people on a regular basis. Once someone has logged their time, they reassign it and should no longer receive emails regarding that task. They can mark themselves as an "Inactive" Resource, so I just need to make sure emails aren't sent to those Inactive Resources.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Doug Smith Answered

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Hello Doug,

I think you'll get what you're after if you run your Send Email action on $Resources and then filter them using formula LinkObject.State = "Active" and send the email to {TargetObject}. Please see the screenshot for clarification:

Please let me know if this helps.

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