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Move Task and create shortcut

So, I'm trying to re-create the "Assign to Iteration" custom action that you demonstrate in the "Clarizens Agile Project Management and Team Board Tutorial". I figured out the move part (by looking through the Wiki), but I can't figure out how to create the shortcut in the original project. I see there is a New Object action that allows you to create a shortcut, but I am not sure what to identify as the Parent and the Child.

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The way it is done in the video is using a custom reference to object field called "Original Parent".  The custom action then does the following:

  1. Updates the field "Original Parent" with $Parent

  2. Uses the Move Object action, where the selected work item = currentobject()  and New Parent Work Item = iteration variable (the iteration or work item entered in the custom action popup). 

There is then a workflow rule that runs as follows:

  1. Run time every time a record is created, or when a record is edited and did not previously meet the rule criteria

  2. Evaluation criteria set to check if the Original parent is not equal to null   ($C_OriginalParent<> null && $C_OriginalParent<>$Parent)

  3. New Object action that creates a new shortcut, and sets the parent = $C_OriginalParent and the Child = currentobject()

Here's a link to install the application:

Let me know if you need any help. 



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