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Hi. I'm trying to add a custom column that displays a task's parent's parent at the highest level.

At the moment when showing the project a task sits under, it will display the subproject. I would like to skip the subproject and display the 'master project' instead.


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This can be achieved with two customizations: a custom field and a custom workflow rule.

You can create a custom field at the Task level and call it "Grandparent."

Your workflow rule (also at the Task level) should run "Every time a record is created or edited" and under the conditions "If True = Not(IsNull($Parent.Parent))"

If this is the case, the action would be to update the aforementioned Grandparent field with "$Parent.Parent.Name"

Note, this will only work for newly created/edited tasks. You can create a similar scheduled workflow rule to go through and back-fill the pre-existing tasks, if necessary. Be sure to disable this to help keep performance increased.

I hope this helps.


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