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2 questions about billing rates

We have different billing rates for different
clients. I created a project template and entered each person’s billing rate
for that client in the Price & Rates section. When I created a new project
using that template, the billing rates assigned to those resources did not
carry over to the template even though I checked the resources box when creating the project. The rate listed is the one that was entered under Settings/Global Settings/Default Cost & Billing Rates/Regular Hourly Rate. Is there a way to set this up so that the rates I enter for individuals in the template copies over to any new projects I create using that template?

Question #2:

One of our employees charges out at different rates (for the same project) depending on the service  he's providing. Is there a way to list him as a resource on a project with two different billing rates? When he's filling out his timesheet, how will he designate which rate to use when submitting his  hours? We enter time at the project level, not the milestone or task level.


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For Question #1, unfortunately these rates are not saved as part of the templates. I have already put in a feature request for this (I assumed they did until I tested it to make sure).


For Question #2, you can set rates down to the work item level.  Just pull up the rate card on any task or milestone, and you can set different billing rates only for that section of the project.  He would have to report not at the project level but at the task or milestone level for the system to know the appropriate rates.  Project-level reporting would be too generic if there are multiple rate types for that same resource within the project.

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