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Workflow E-mail

Hi, I would like an e-mail sent to me every time a project is created. It seems simple, and yet... I don't get an e-mail.

Rule for: Project
Run time: Only when a record is created
Evaluation Criteria: Run under no conditions
Set action:
Send e-mail: To Rich Morris (user)
Subject: This is a new project
Do not track: selected

Am I missing something. I would like to set up more rules, but if I can't get this going... it's hopeless.

TIA, Rich

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BTW, I did wait overnight for an e-mail to be generated after creating a new project folder. What is the usual processing time?

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First of all, you created this as a standard workflow rule and not a scheduled one correct?

This should run immediately. Within a minute or two seconds of you creating the project you should receive the email.

Did you enable the rule after you created it?

Lastly, I would recommend putting some tokens in your email to make it more useful. For example:

Subject: Project: {$Name} has been created and is Due on {$DueDate}

If you are still having issue Rich, just shoot me an email and I can investigate with you today. Thanks!

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