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Dear Clarizen,


Can I, say, create some tasks, set due dates for an assignee (external or internal) and then forbid editing at least due dates, except commenting?

If yes, then could you send me a link to your Support Center where it’s fully explained?



Azat Khafizov Answered

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please see here:  By default, any resource assigned to a task cannot control the life cycle state or due dates - only report progress (and put notes, etc.).  So setting a resource to a task should limit that.  Note, however, if a user is set up as a super user (, they have the ability to see and control items across the system.  As such, it is strongly recommended to limit Super Users.  Another exception is that if a resource assigned to a task is also assigned as a manager to a higher level task in the project, that user will be able to change more than just progress.  


A few other resources that would help include our weekly power user / PM training session, our weekly admin training, or our daily Q&A sessions.  All are free and you can register to any of them here:




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