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Resource Default Availability

I went into the calendar for the resources on my team and I set their default availability for new projects to 70%.  I then went into my system settings and made "work" the driving factor such that duration and units are derived automatically, or at least this is what I expect to happen.


However, when I create a project, and add a resource from my team to a task, their availability % is showing up as 100%.  Furthermore, when I create a task and set it's Work to, let's say 8 hours, the duration still shows as 1 day, not the 2 days I would expect considering at a 70% utilization I am only going to get 5.6 hours of work per day.


Is there a global setting somewhere I am missing?


Any help is appreciated.



Chris Corbin Answered

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The default availability you set to 70% only applies to new projects that are created in the system.  You would have to to into existing projects and set the default availability for each one (expand the work plan, select the project level, expand the resource panel, set the availability for new tasks in the project).

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