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Maintaining order of tasks in WBS


I have listed tasks in the WBS but I find that Clarizen reorders them (usually by start date)

What I want is to have a field that I define and can sort on (a WBS level)


As an unsatisfactory workaround, I have added numbers to the front of the task names so that my sort on names

will be correct for my presentation, however, the GANTT chart does not maintain my sort order. It appears that the

GANTT defaults to sort by start date. How can I get the GANTT chart to sort my my field?



Ronald McKenna Answered

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The only scenario in which the system will reorder tasks is if you have a sort in place.  Look for a blue underline on the field header.  All you need to do is click on the right of that header and clear the sort.  (You can also look at the title of the panel, it should say "sorted by X").

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