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Ideas / requests from a new user

  1. I'd like to define project goals for each project, and have these prominently featured. (I'd rather have these in the top place than the Roadmap).

I would recommend putting these goals into the description, and then adding that description as a column.

  1. I'd like to relate items from my Project Plans to Project Goals. Various projects relate to the same goals.

Again, the description field is a good place to enter in goals as this could quickly be pulled up using reporting. You can also use the issue entities to keep track of goals and link them to projects.

  1. I'd like to be able to mouse over projects in the Home view, and get content relevant to that project on the right hand side of the page - recent activity window, notes, discussions for that project.

That is a lot of information to process on a mouseover, would probably slow performance to a crawl on the homepage. I'll have to check with R&D, but don't think this will be feasbile unfortunately.

  1. I'd even like to have a running list of recent places at bottom of screen, so I could one click right to each.

Very interesting suggestion. We're planning to greatly expand our favorites functionality.

  1. I'd like the ability to Customize Home Screen by dragging windows around.

Expect much more customization in future releases, a lot to look forward to!

  1. In a project, where are the Expand All / Collapse All buttons?

We have had this functionality on the development table for a long time and the issue is performance. Enabling expand/collapse all in the grid view substantially reduces performance. This will probably be released as an optional feature for users instead of automatically rolled out to everyone.

  1. In the Gantt view, I'd like icons to appear for item type (Project / Milestone / Task).

We do have specific icons in the bars themselves. It may not be possible to easily add icons to the work plan.

  1. These could also be the link to edit that item until Gantt is fully interactive.

Interactive Gantt should be coming sometime next year. There are linkbacks to edit at the bottom of the Gantt chart.

  1. I'm concerned about so much small text. We have several users with less than perfect vision. How will it do with large fonts?

Try Ctrl and + or - to zoom in and out

  1. For those that like small fonts, but want to see more information at once, each window should have a Full Screen Toggle button.

Try pressing F11

  1. Please add me to the Drag & Drop request list.

Will do, it's our #1 feature request =)

  1. I'd also like:
    Indent / Outdent items
    Move Up/Down

Indent/Outdent is done with green arrows on the tool bar. Move up/down is done using cut/paste (Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V)

I'd like to see a lot more emphasis on communications features.

  1. Discussion items should have their own in icons in the Info Window, not be thrown in with Notes, then appear inside the Info Card, rather than in a pop-up.

There is a hidden feature here, you can double click the discussions (posts) icon in the grid and it will instantly pull up the thread.

  1. Notes in the Info Card view should have an option to view by single line or multi-line/expanded view.

For notes, I would actually recommend trying out the collaboration view (icon is next to the Gantt button in the upper right).

  1. I'd like the person's name on a note or message to be a link to chat or email them.

Very good suggestion.

  1. Mac specific - When working in Mac widgets, mouse and keyboard input is not turned off for Clarizen items in the browser behind the widgets. (Firefox 6, Mac OS 10.6.1)

Will have to ask QA about this one

  1. Mac - another voice for Search Help.

Only works in IE unfortuantely, but we are working to fix this.

  1. Help features should always be clearly available / at hand. I like the suggestion windows of what makes sense to do next that can be turned off after one knows the program.

  2. Would like to have more narrated videos online in brief labeled sections. It works better for me to hear the explanation.

In the works, you should see more of these early next year.

  1. Can I automate cretion of recurring projects?

Another popular feature request, I'll add you to the list.

  1. Issues feels like a feature designed for software engineers.
    If the language were broadened, it would apply to a broader set of ongoing attention items, reminders & to dos.

Great point, we are planning to make some changes here. The first of which will be renaming Enhancement Requests to Change Requests, which has a much broader usage in traditional project management.

  1. I'd also like Project Phases to be expanded to be more universal, or users should be able to add their own and select from an icon library.

Eventually this will be fully customizable. If you have some specific ones you would like to add, please email the list to me at

  1. Another voice for Outlook Integration. I see you're working on it. Thanks.

We do have a plug in available right now, and are working on an expanded version for release next year.

  1. funny: The Project Conflicts icon looks like a strange Teddy Bear.
    I'm pretty sure the Accessibility icon is also a Teddy Bear with a walker. Otherwise the person's head is an alarm clock?

=) It's supposed to be an alarm clock!

Clarizen Team Answered

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We have tested a few programs that we thought would be a good match for us.

We like Clarizen's clear Interface; including the intuitive handling of Projects, Milestones and Tasks and the elegant handling of Templates.

We're looking for a full feature set without sacrificing ease of use.

We like that Clarizen makes it easy for customers to give feedback, and that feature requests are being integrated into the product at a rapid clip.

While we're willing to pay a little more for features we know would be useful, cost is certainly a factor.

Several other programs that cost less have features that we like, but that will be trumped by ease of use of a clear interface.

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I don't feel the point of items 1 and 2 was understood or addressed; using the description is not at all what is needed. I'd also like to be able to create a nested list of organizational goals, objectives, and strategies within Clarizen. Cases (likely Issues) don't seem to be the right place because an Issue cannot have a sub-issue, but these really are not projects so I don't necessarily want to create a project to represent a goal just because I get a hierarchy that way. Is there a better option for creating this type of institutional knowledge and also traceability? Am I left with linking

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You can create goals and objectives using reverse references today, which would be an improvement but is still not 100% of what you need and would be similar to what you are doing now with the links.  The real solution will be a custom object for goals, objectives, or strategies that you will be able to tie to the project and place above the roadmap view.  That will be coming later this year.

Josh Santos 0 votes
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Thanks a lot, Josh. Is there a way for me to vote for that feature or is it already in a release number and it just remains for that release date to be determined?

Dennis King 0 votes
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It is a guaranteed feature, we're just waiting on time frame.  Everyone at Clarizen is waiting for this as well =).  It will allow you to use Clarizen for just about any scenario you can think of.

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