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Time Clocking Functions

I know that people can clock in and out of clarizen and their time on a project can be tracked in real time.  However, all users are permitted to log into Clarizen from anywhere, i.e. home, phone, car.  In that regard, when you have employees that abuse the system you cannot accurately track their time in the office.  If you could set up the time keeping so that a time licensed user had to be at a certain IP address that would be wonderful.

Pamela Franklin Answered

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Not yet, but we do have a new feature in the queue that would let admins restrict login location by IP.  Note that this will apply to all logins, not just for reporting time.

Josh Santos 0 votes
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This is possible.

I created a validation rule on Timesheet which runs when the timesheet is created.
It then checks if the user is in our corporate IP ranges and if not, displays a message and blocks the update:

Evaluation Criteria
If True =
not IsIPAddressInRange($ReportedBy.LastLoginIPAddress,'')

The message it displays is:
Timesheet reporting is limited to being logged in on the {Organization.Name} Corporate Network

The curly brackets gives me our Organization Name as it is in Clarizen. You could hard-code the name if you don't need it to by dynamic.

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