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Improvements to Template Module in v6

  • Include the Description and Recommendations fields of the Template properties in the grid view so it is easier to identify which template is best for the project being created. Because I can't see what a project template includes I seldom use one of the public templates I just use one of mine. We vary likely have several templates that are very similar because there isn't a good way to view the properties of someone else's shared template. Another option would be to have the properties card for a selected template show on the right in a "relations panel".
  • Allow user to create a project from the grid view of the template module. As is now I go to the templates module to browse template properties and then once I have decided on the best template, I have to go to the project module or the navigation panel to create a project.


Rhonda Mandeville Answered

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Bullet #2 is already coming in one of our future patches and bullet #1 is a great feature request (submitted it to R&D).

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