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Enhanced editing in notes & discussions


I am currently comparing your solution to that of Liquid Planner.  It has much better tools for advanced editing in notes & discussions.

In particular, what I would like Clarizen to include is more advanced functionality such as the following:

  • tables
  • images
  • hyperlinks (with text other than the hyperlink)
  • headings
  • special characters

Also, the editing area is very small on my screen.  It should either be resizable or allow full-screen, or both.

I know you don't want to duplicate external document editing environments, but your note/discussion editor is _really_ lacking features.

If you wanted to go even further to help out technical companies such as ours, you could allow for Latex math editing in discussion posts and notes.




Seeleyr Answered

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Hi Ryan,

We are honored to have made it to your short list of project management solutions.

I’d like to point out that Clarizen is fully integrated with Google docs! This means that you can open google docs from Clarizen and take full advantage of the features available in Google Docs such as simultaneous editing between team members, share links to the document, and all the functionality available in a modern word processor.

Our discussion feature is also very flexible – you can create tasks by typing “+”, notify people by typing “@”, attach notes to customers, projects, link to existing files by using the “#” symbol.

For example:

“@John Smith, please complete the following task +upload final version of collateral to #Project Rainbows and Butterflies. This needs to be done as soon as possible because #Pink Pony is a huge high priority customer.”

If the above statement is typed into any discussion, you will be notifying John Smith, adding an actionable work item to a specified project, and linking related files that exist in the cloud, customer accounts, and projects, all from one post!

As mentioned in my responses to your other awesome product ideas, we really appreciate your feedback on our tool. I agree with many of your suggestions and have logged them internally for our product team to review and hopefully one day they we will see them live!

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