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Sort tasks ("Name") within project ("Parent Project") in the timesheet view


I'd asked this to be submitted via the help desk and I think they did but now that I've learned I can submit directly, also posting it here.

Before you did the big v6 rollout, the tasks (Name) within timesheet would be, by default, sorted alphabetically within the parent project - which is where I'd applied my main sort.

Now the name is all over the place, and it changes often, I have to guess where I'm going to find my task within some projects that have numerous tasks.  This is a step down from the previous version of Clarizen.  If it had a meaningful sort order, that would be one thing, but as far as I can tell, it's random.

Can you help?  It makes for a less user-friendly interface for entering time.

Thank  you!


p.s., I've asked twice about this and have been told "filter on parent project and then sort" - No.  I'm changing which project I'm working on all the time.  That's more time-consuming than scanning the whole list for a project - I just shouldn't HAVE to scan the whole list.

Deb Ploskonka Not planned

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Hi Deb,

Thank you for posting to our Ideas & Suggestions page. I can see that your product idea has been received and logged internally as CR-214962. 

I'm not sure if you've received this already, but our Customer Success Managers have developed this app that hopefully will ease the pain of filtering by project:

This app places a button in your work plan called "Filter by this project", which removes a few clicks needed to filter by a specific project. Please see attached for a screenshot of what this app would look like in action.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do in the meantime.

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