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Image thumbnails in the file section

We are in the creative department of a large financial payment company and we download and use a lot of graphics and images in our daily work. It would be great if Clarizen could provide a thumbnail image of the graphic files stored in the file section of the projects. Currently I created one project titled "Graphics" and uploaded all of our stock images, when I currently go to the file folder under add related, it shows the list of files I uploaded but just shows a generic symbol indicating what type of file it is (jpg, png, pdf, etc) it would be nice to see the thumbnail so I don't have to open each image to see what it is. Currently we get a preview of the image in the discussion area which is nice but I need more of a file storage and the files section would be great for what I need. Currently I'm researching Digital Asset Management software to provide this for me since I can't make Clarizen work.

Kelly Gauthier Not planned

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Hi Kelly,

Thank you for your idea and working with us to improve our product!

I've logged a feature request on your behalf. Our product team will review it for future product development. For your reference, the ID number is CR-185359. You can check back with us periodically for updates or when the feature is released, it will appear in our product updates blog:  [

]( the best,


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