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Option to show Project field on Alerts page

Our projects have a lot of common tasks, such as completing certain quality, safety and environmental management forms, and when these appear in alerts, it would be good to be able to identify which project the impacted object belongs to, without following the link and investigating the slow way.

Also, when addressing an alert that equally affects a number of work items (e.g. a current documentation project that has 23 documents to be developed, each set up as their own milestone due on the same date), it would be good to be able to filter the alerts page by project. This would be especially useful when all of those impacted items are resolved at once (say, by the client extending the deadline for the whole project), so that these can be marked off quickly on the alerts page, not slowly by following the links as is currently required.

Kerry Not planned

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Hi Kerry,

Thank you for your idea and working with us to improve our product.

I've logged a feature request on your behalf. Our product team will review it for future product development. For your reference, the ID number is CR-188761. You can check back with us periodically for updates or when the feature is released, it will appear in our product updates blog:

All the best,


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