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See referenced information from the other end of a relationship


Right now in Clarizen you have a lot of relationships or links: hierarchy, attachments, membership, resources, etc. You can also create your own relationship in a "Reference to Object" custom field. From any entity you can always see its related items. For instance in a task you can see all the information about its attachments, its groups, its resources, its e-mail messages, its documents... but you can't always do the opposite. I can see the resources of a task from a task and I can see the tasks a resource is working in from the user view. However, when sitting in a task in the tasks module, I can't see information about the project it belongs to (I have to open it in a new tab, losing context). Same thing happens with any custom relationship/link I create, I can see all the entities an item is related to, but from the other end I can't see details about a referenced entity. So in the end I would like to be able to add to a view more information about referenced items, specially if there is a relationship (custom or not) between the object opened/selected and the referenced one.



Fernando Borrego Polo Not planned

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Thank you for the suggestion. Your change request was logged. ID: CR-231759.




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