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Clarizen Expands on Social Enterprise Promise, Integrates With Box

Clarizen, a leading work execution software company, announced today that it has expanded its current search and collaboration offering by seamlessly incorporating Box’s file sharing and content management services within Clarizen’s project management solution, further enhancing its document management capabilities.

Clarizen has redefined collaboration as it moves social tools out of the silo into the business and creates social collaboration that drives results. This integration demonstrates an added layer of connectivity among workplace software solutions that currently function as information islands. With Box’s services now in the company’s portfolio, Clarizen customers have the ability to collaborate on documents and files presently operating in separate and disconnected platforms. By joining real-time conversations with important company documentation, users are awarded a rich and productive work experience.

“Creating a project management ecosystem that addresses the entire work process funnel is imperative to meeting the needs of both current and future workers,” said Avinoam Nowogrodski, CEO and co-founder of Clarizen. “Workers and project managers alike understand that software should speak to the working environment, and not the opposite. We feel that this latest integration addresses that significant need by adding another leading cloud collaboration solution to our existing offering set.”

“The ability and flexibility to integrate Box with Salesforce and with Clarizen is a very powerful combination for us,” said Kathy Krumpe, Director of Practice Management Group for Future State. “This presents a tremendous opportunity to have visibility within the work our project teams are doing and to have the increased collaboration and ease of access to what we do for our customers.”

Box joins, Zendesk and Google Docs as recent software integrations following customer requests. As Clarizen looks to continuously create a solution that works for both end users and project managers alike, customer feedback remains a top priority within the company’s business model.

About Clarizen

Clarizen delivers work execution software that powers the modern real-time enterprise by making employees and companies work better, smarter and faster. Employees can more efficiently manage and complete the highest-value tasks on time and in budget. Companies have direct visibility into work being accomplished and can course correct and/or plan resources accordingly to maximize results and profits. Clarizen’s philosophy of ‘robust simplicity’ translates into products that model and enhance the way an enterprise works, while its ‘user-first’ design results in rapid adoption and acceptance across the enterprise. Founded in 2005, Clarizen is privately held with offices in Hod Hasharon, Israel, and San Mateo, Calif. For more information, visit

Clarizen Team Answered

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I am trying to integrate with our Box account and when I click the install button, it takes me to a page that says: the page cannot be found. Am I the only one getting this error?

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This process has actually changed. It is no longer a Plug-In to be added. Both Google and Box Integrations are now fully integrated into Clarizen and all you need to do is enable it in the System Settings (Admin permissions required) and then add to your profile. 

To enable, go to System --> System Settings --> Organizations, Users, Licenses...

Set setting 8.2 Allow Linking of Google Docs and to desired setting (Google Docs, Box, Allow All or None). 

Then go to the following section in the User manual for instructions on how to link your Box account to your profile...




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