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Chaining Custom Actions using GetCustomActionUrl Function

Hey Guys,

Can you only use GetCustomActionUrl function for CA's that sit in the Organisational level? I ask because I want to create a Case CA that will chain to a second Case CA depending on some criteria (which isnt important currently). Now I get an ?ERROR on the 3rd CustomActionUrl when it trys to parse the following (this is debug code):


{tostring('1: ' + GetCustomActionUrl('Document Publisher - Internal - EDA',null)) + '<br>'}

{tostring('2: ' + GetCustomActionUrl('Hachette Change Request Form',null)) + '<br>'}

{tostring('3: ' + GetCustomActionUrl('Create Project (Approved)',null))}

Both the Document Publisher and Hachette Change Request CA's sit at the organisation level and Create Project sits within Cases. Attached shows the email with the actual error and the validation runtime error,


Gareth Bradley Answered

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Hi Gareth,


You can defiently use GetCustomActionURL with Org level CAs. If you are using it in a CustomPanel The syntax should be something like this:

1: {HyperLink(GetCustomActionUrl('Document Publisher - Internal - EDA',null)),'Doc Publisher')}<br>

2: {HyperLink(GetCustomActionUrl('Hachette Change Request Form',null)),'New Change Request')}<br>

3: {HyperLink(GetCustomActionUrl('Create Project (Approved)',null),'Create Project')}

 Please let me know if it worked. If not I would suggest joining one of our advanced configuration office hours (there's one starting in 1 hour - which I'm leading) - so one of our expert will be able to better understand what is the expected result and where does the formula fails.


Good luck!


Tamir Avital 0 votes
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Hey Tamir 

Apologies for the delay, im chainining from a CASE CA to another CASE CA - that didnt work. I could only chain to a ORG CA from a CASE CA! :)

Gareth Bradley 0 votes
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