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Populate Actual Start Date based on Time Logged

I am trying to build a workflow rule that says if Actual Start Date is Null, then time stamp the Actual Start Date as "Now" when the first % Complete is >0 OR the first time that Actual effort is >0.

This would indicate that we have either made progress, or at least start logging time against the project (IE - the project has started)

I was able to write the rule for the % Complete part (code below), but cannot seem to get the timesheet based logic built in.

$ActualStartDate=Null && $PercentCompleted>0


Peter Zovath Answered

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I am trying to do something similar and have the app mentioned here but it is not capturing the correct date.  I want to capture the date that is entered as the "reported date" in the timesheet, that is, the date on which the work was performed.  The app is not capturing this date but rather the date that the time sheet entry is made.  The day the time was entered does not do me any good as the work could have been performed up to 7 days prior to that date.

Anyone know what needs to be changed to correct this?  

Ann Kurtz 0 votes
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Hi Ann, 


I've just had  look at the rule which runs on the timesheet "Set actual Start Date upon insertion of timesheet" and it looks like it is capturing the Reported Date, or at least, is meant to. 

The rule for the timesheet will only run when: 

$workitem.state = 'Active' && (isnull ($workitem.ActualStartDate) || todate (ToOrganizationalDateTime($workitem.ActualStartDate)) > $reportedDate )

Meaning that the work item is still active, and either it's start date is null (does not have a date in yet) or is later than the reported date of your timesheet. 

I've tested it a few times and it does seem to be working as expected - meaning, if I put in earlier and earlier reported timesheets, it'll pick up the reported dates. 


So a few things to look for: 

1) Did you report the timesheet from a Stopwatch?

2) Is the work item active?

3) Is the workflow rule active for Timesheets? (in the Configuration screen > Timesheets, from the left-side section)


Let's see what you find, otherwise you might need to open a support ticket and we'll take a closer look. 


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