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Creating a Project Aging Field

I am trying to create a custom field to calculate the number of days since a project's start date, with a stop at the actual completed date.  For example, if the status is Draft, Active, On Hold, then the field should display the number of days between the start date and today's date.  If the status is complete or cancelled, display the number of days between the start date and the actual complete date.  Can someone help me with how I would set this up?

Ashley Fraschilla Answered

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Hi Ashley,


The trick for doing that is a combination of

  1. Custom field that holds the "age" of the project (default to 1/0).

  2. A scheduled workflow rule that runs on the Project that adds 1 day for a project each on a daily basis if it passes the evaluation criteria (e.g. $State<>'Completed' && $State<>'Cancelled').

Regarding the last part I would recommend to use the actual start date. You can populate it by use this app: or create a workflow rule that will populate it when for example the project becomes Active/Executable etc and set the date to: OrganizationNow(). In addition, I would recommend to change system setting 10.1 to populate the actual end date to populate upon completion to 'Set to Current Date & Time).

By doing that you can use Clarizen OOTB capability to compare between the plan and the actual timelines.

I would recommend to join one of our Advanced Q&A webinar for further guidelines and recommendations on this use case.


Warm Regards,



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