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Optimising transactions with the API (using CreateMessage)


Ive have a script to import timesheet information into Clarizen from a csv file.

At a high level the script:

1> parses each line in the csv, matches the username contained in the line to a clarizen entity (and the same for the work item), fetching the required entity IDs to build a timesheet entity

2> uses create message to create the timesheet in Clarizen.

This all works now, however Im calling create message once per line in the csv file. Typically could have ~500 entries in the csv file so Im quickly hitting the 1000 api calls per day limit.

What Im looking to do is package multiple createMessages within one baseMessage that is executed, presumably this will dramatically reduce the number of API calls.

My question is how many create messages to put inside one Basemessage (5, 10, 50, all 500)?

Any help appreciated!

Import from old forum Answered

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I suggest packaging up to 100 messages at once. 

Do note that the API call limit is 1000 per day * number of licenses. 

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