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Setting User's Hourly Rates

Setting User's Hourly Rates

User's hourly rates can be defined in two ways:

  • By assigning specific Job Title to the user. 
  • By defining direct Cost and Billing rates in the user profile


Please, note that in the organization that works with multiple currencies support, values of rates can be accompanied by the corresponding currency code in case it differs from the organization currency (see Monetary Field article for details).

User's Profile Rates

When defining a User’s Profile rate keep in mind a very simple rule:

important Note:

Rule: Any specific rate definition for a user will always override the more generic definition.

1.If nothing is specifically defined for the user, not a  Job Title and not a Direct Rates, User's profile rates will be inherited from the definition of  Cost and Billing rates defined at the Organization setting level.

2. If only the Job Title is defined for a specific user, then the rates of that Job Title will be applied to the user’s profile rates.

3.If both Job Title and Direct Rates are defined for specific user, then direct Cost and Billing rates will be applied to user's profile rates.

User’s Project Specific Rates

User’s billing rates can be customized for a specific project.

  • Billing rates of the Job titles already defined in the organization specifically for the project
  • Job title of the resource can be customized for specific project or work item inside the project
  • You can learn more about how you can change rates for specific projects in the section Setting Up and Managing Project Budget.

 In order to understand how rates are assigned within specific project you need to keep in mind two rules: 

important Rules:

  1. Any specific rate definition for a user will always override the more generic definition.
  2. Rate definition done for specific work item will work for all its subordinate work items at all sub-levels.

  3. If nothing was changed for specific resource in the project, user’s Profile rates will be applied to all work items in the project

  4. If billing rates of the Job Title were changed at the project level, modified Job Title Rates will be applied to all resources that have this Job Title in the project.

  5. If Job title of the resource was changed for specific work item, this Job Title rates will be applied to this resource for the item and all its sub-tasks

  6. If Direct Billing Rates were changed for the resource for specific work item, these Direct Rates will be applied to this item and all its sub-tasks

Defining Direct Cost and Billing User's Rates 

  • In the Users Page, select a user.
  • Select Properties in the right click context menu.
  • Update user's Cost and Billing Rates in the Default Costs and Billing Rates pane
  • Click Save.
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This section in lacking information about who has permissions to modify job titles of resources within a project. the PM should be able to do that, but I'm finding that is not the case. We need more information here. 

Amanda Nicholson 0 votes
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I will happily look into this for you. Can you tell me if you are referring to making changes to the rates on the Resources or at the Project/Work Item level? Please provide more details so that I can get you a proper response. 

Boris Krutiy 0 votes
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