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Roll up issues for project

I am working on implementing Clarizen to help manage our new product development projects. I am having an issue with getting values to roll up/down and I was wondering if there is a solution to this issue or if something could be built custom to solve this issue. Here is a description of what I would like to do:

We are using a 5 stage gate process for New product development. We have made each stage gate a milestone and under each milestone will be a list of tasks and sub tasks. We want consistency in the inputs from the project view level all the down to the task/subtask level. For example, if I input an annual volume at the project level, I would like to see the same value at the task/subtask level for all tasks/subtasks. How can I accomplish this in Clarizen?

Second, I would like to be able to update values at the task/subtask level and have those propagate through all subtasks/tasks/milestones and back to the parent project? And instead of using sum, avg, min or max as my roll up options, I would like for the value to be the most recent. Is there a way to configure this in Clarizen? Can we build something custom?



Stephen Taylor Answered

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Hi Stephen,

To answer your first and second question, you can create a custom field and possibly a workflow rule for this. This request is best answered in our customization forum:

What you described is quite possible but will need some customization work to make it work as you expected. You can also join our advanced configuration webinars in regards to how to achieve these customizations. The link is below for our webinars:

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Hi Stephen!

Out of the box, values roll-up from tasks (not sub-tasks) to milestones, and milestones to Projects (bottom up). However, with some customization, you should be able to achieve the example that you've provided.

You can post to our 'Customizations' forum ( to get guidance on how to do this or attend one of our Advanced Configuration webinars for visual answers to your questions from one of our solutions consultants.

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