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True / False input criteria on Custom Action

I am building a custom action that turns a request into a task or a project, based on user input. Basically, modifying the 2 custom action applications you have in the marketplace.

My user input field has a Toggle that asks if the user needs a project. If True, then it follows the New Item to create a new project from the template they select. If it is False, it takes their inputs and creates a New Task.

However, I can't get the "If True = " section to work. It seems to turn each of these into projects. Here is the entry I wrote: "True // False if you don't need a project true/false"

What should this read? Thanks!

Peter Zovath Answered

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Hi Peter,

The logic should be as follows (give Project is the variable name of the toggle field).
1. Conditional Action: Project=TRUE
1.1 New Item -> Project
2. Conditional Action: Project<>TRUE
2.1. New Item -> Task

Let me know if it makes sense.

Good luck!

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